Last updated: March 2019

A strong belief in the importance of journalistic ethics is central to what Point.51 does, and it is important that everyone — staff and freelancers alike — share these values when working with us. We also believe it is important to be transparent with our readers about our approach, which is why this page is included on our website. The points below make up the core of our ethical approach and we expect staff and commissioned freelancers to apply these principles when working with us. We fully appreciate that in some cases it is not always clear where these lines fall. If you have any questions or concerns about this before, during, or after working on a story, please be in touch with your editor at the earliest opportunity so we can work together to find a solution.

  • The people we work with, and whose stories we intend to tell, must be fully aware of how their story will be used. As far as is possible, this should extend to making sure they are aware of possible incurred risks that may result.

  • We respect the individuality of everyone we work with, even if we do not find them politically agreeable. We do not use the experience of one individual to substantiate broader generalisations.

  • We do not report on or work with minors (under-18s) without the expressed consent of a parent, or where a parent is absent, an immediate relative, legal guardian or safeguarding organisation.

  • We will not publish material researched and/or photographed in active war zones. As an independent magazine, we are not able to provide the necessary insurance and support to contributors in order to best ensure their safety in these situations.

  • We pay all contributors set rates as a point of principle. We do not offer unpaid internships.

  • We do not accept sponsorship in cash or kind from any person or organisation that might be linked to or have an interest in the story being researched and reported. If you feel you may have a conflict of interest, you must speak to your editor about this at the earliest opportunity.