Issues 01 + 02

Issues 01 + 02

Our first two issues, Journey and Britain.

In issue one, we explore the explores the experiences of the asylum seekers and ordinary citizens caught up in the largest mass movement of people across Europe since World War II. In issue two, we focus on Britain at a time of unprecedented global attention.

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01 . Journey

  • We learn why some Cuban asylum seekers are being drawn to Serbia, as entry to the United States has become more difficult.

  • After border checks were temporarily reintroduced in the wake of the Paris Attacks, we see how the residents of La Roya responded when thousands of asylum seekers suddenly arrived in their otherwise quiet valley.

  • Calais has become synonymous with some of the most controversial aspects of the "refugee crisis" and is known to most only as the former site of the "Jungle". Now efforts to rebuild a troubled tourism industry are underway – but not everyone agrees on the direction.

  • Having travelled across Europe to reach the UK, asylum seekers then face a second journey as they adjust to British society. It is a journey that can often be as physically and mentally challenging as the first.

  • Irish photographer Jonathan Ho photographed those who call Ireland home, while having a dual or shared sense of national and cultural identity.

  • Istanbul has been through a lot in recent years. But in January 2017, as more than a foot of snow began to fall, everything came to a stop.

02 . Britain

  • In London, we meet the changemakers at the forefront of the new wave of climate activism as the future of the planet competes with Brexit for attention.

  • We travel to the exact locations of some of the most important events in Britain’s modern history to see them as they are today.

  • We head to Port Talbot in Wales, one of Britain’s last surviving steel towns, to meet the people determined to see the town reinvent itself.

  • In Bulgaria, we meet some of the British immigrants who have made one of the EU’s poorest member states their home.

  • We journey to Scotland to meet the man who stole a symbolic stone from Westminster Abbey in 1950 and brought it back home in the name of Scottish nationalism, sparking a nation-wide manhunt.

  • Across the Irish Sea, we travel to Dublin and Belfast – and the towns in between – to talk to people worried about the return of a “hard border” – and the possibility of armed conflict too.

  • We head to Albania, a country hoping to join the EU as Britain prepares to leave, challenging the idea that geography alone can make one “European”.